Why a Newspaper Style for the Blog

You may be wondering, “Do I really need another newsfeed?” Our blog is hoping to deliver good news, but these days, can anyone actually trust the media? Good news? Are you kidding? Fake news and certainly bad news is on everyone’s minds, and it’s turned us into cynics, barely knowing what to believe as the doomsday clock fills us with dread.

Let us transport you to a different type of newsfeed, back to a time maybe 100 years ago when neighbours spoke to neighbours and breaking news and day-to-day experiences were shared. A time that was perhaps more vulnerable and less private and the media seemed to reflect that. With all the benefits modernity has brought, that sense of community seems strangely absent for many today.

The mood of this old-fashioned era of the 1900’s came to mind as we studied Philippians and considered an even more authentic time over 2000 years ago. Life was by no means easy, but a community of diverse people experienced a solidarity and deep friendship in Christ that still rings with hope all these years later.

The news that Paul the Apostle brought was anything but fake. It was, and still is, good news we can trust.